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Criminal Law Update - Justin Cook

Fundamental Skills: Working with Documents - Merrida Coxwell: Bingham v. State; Essential Evidentiary Foundations for the Admission and Exclusion of Proof During Trial; Jones v. State; and Essential and Evidentiary Foundations for the Admission and Exclusion of Proof During Trial Power-point

Cross Examination Skills Power-Point - Tom Fortner

Compassion's Our Place in Work - Beau Rudder

Challenging So-Called Science - Bridgette Morgan: A Legal Framework and Forensic Science in the Courts

The Fortune Society and The Fortune Society Agenda - Kahlil Cumberbatch

Crimmigration - Glenda Regnart, Navketan Kaur Dsai

Juvenile Life without Parole - Stacy Ferraro

Creating and Editing and Review Process - Erin Briggs

Investigating for our Clients and their Cases - Toscha DuBose

Litigating Release - Jake Howard

Important Cases and a View from the Court - Judge Jack L. Wilson

The Compassionate Lawyer - Chip Glaze

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Glenda Regnart and Navketan Desai

Jeffery Robinson

Chip Glaze and Melissa Martin

Jacob Howard

Kahlil Cumberbatch

Andre de Gruy

Anthony Ray Hinton

ALTERNATIVE TRACK DAY 1: Beau Rudder; Bridgette Morgan; Khalil Cumberbatch; and Glenda Regnart

ALTERNATIVE TRACK DAY 2: Josh Spickler; Stacy Ferraro; Erin Briggs; and Toscha DuBose

Justin Cook

Judge Wilson

Merrida Coxwell

Tom Fortner



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