2017 Spring Public Defenders Seminar


CLE Form

Travel Form

Certificate of Attendance

B. Rudder Client Centered Innovators Exercise Part 1

B. Rudder Client Centered Innovators Exercise Part 2

B. Rudder Client Centered Innovators

Cleary Notes

Cleary Reading List

Ferrer Bibliography

Ferrer Probation Contract

Ferrer Probation Orders Report

Ferrer Probation Policy

Final Version of Rules - Highlight-strikeout version

Holthe MS Collateral Consequences

Howard and Locke Juveniles in Adult Court 2017 Final

Justin Cook Spring 2017 Appellate Update

Locke - Challenging Transfer to Adult Court

Powell ILR-99-5-Sterling

Powell 43-21-201 Right to Counsel-2

Powell 43-21-651 Review by Supreme Court

Powell 2017 - Henning: Race, Paternalism and the Right to Counsel

Olmi - Adolescent Development

Powell Appeals MS

Powell Cahill Gault Materials

Powell Com v. Warren

Powell Donde esta la judisticia Full Report English

Powell Final Mississippi Assessment Report

Powell In Re Gault Brief of Appellant

Powell In Re Gault Brief of Appellant.1

Powell In re JP


Powell MS Gault Civil Rights

Powell NJDC Standards

Powell Rapping Implicitly Unjust: How Defenders Can Affect Systemic Racist Assumptions

Powell Rules of Appellate Procedure

Social Media Ethics Opinions

Wu Paloma - Rule 12 Competency

Wu Paloma - Rule 12 Highlighted


Andre de Gruy

Amanda Powell 1

Amanda Powell 2 - Youth Track

Amanda Powell 3 - Youth Track

Brenda Locke & Jake Howard

Brenda Locke - Youth Track

Beau Rudder

Christopher Routh

de Gruy, Johnson, and Howard Circuit Track

Eduardo Ferrer - Youth Track

Hayley Cleary - Circuit Track

Justin Cook

Dr. D. Joe Olmi

Paloma Wu

Randee J. Waldman

Serena Holthe - Youth Track

Tyler Edmonds - Circuit Track



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