2018 October Fall Public Defender Seminar


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Case Law Update - Justin Cook

Body Camera Evidence - Lindsay Watts

Brady's Blind Spot - Impeachment Evidence in Police Personnel Files and the Battle

Building Alliances with Our Client - Watani Tyehimba, CPP, CCDI

Client Satisfaction and Procedural Justice - Rudder, Ferraro, Locke

Conti-Cook Open Data Policing - Cynthia Conti-Cook

The Crime Scene: What Really Happens? - Jeremy Necaise

Davis v. Alaska

Defending the Public - Police Accountability in the Courtroom

Defending_the_Public_MS_2018 - Cynthia Conti-Cook

Mayes Investigation Memo

Pennsylvania v Ritchie

Science - Clarity

SOF Storytelling

Stepping Out of the Office: How Visiting the Scene and Other Investigation Can Make Your Case - Carter and Mayes

Utah v. Strieff

Speaker Bios


Asya Branch

Richard Carter & Max Mayes

Evaluation Cynthia Conti-Cook

Justin Cook

Andre de Gruy

Alec Karakatsanis

Victoria Lowery, Moderator; Panelists: Justice Ann Lamar, Erica McKinley, Cynthia Speetjens and Judge Latrice Westbrooks

Joseph Lucero

Estelle McKee & Marie Donnelly

Jeremy Necaise

Andy Johnson, Adofo Minka, Jason Payne, Chris Routh, Lindsay Slawson, Greg Spore, & Lenderrick Taylor

Beau Rudder, Stacy Ferraro, Brenda Locke

Watani Tyehimba

Lindsay Watts

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