2020 Deep South Capital Defense Conference


CLE Form


Client in Distress - a Roadmap for De-Escalation

Champion Colorado Method - Rubenstein - 2010

Confidentiality Oath

Curry-Steiner 2020 Deep South Presentation

Curry-Steiner Ronald Husband Sentencing Transcript

Curry-Steiner Client Contact Template

Curry-Steiner Records Request Index

Curry-Steiner Witness Interview Template

Curry-Steiner Witness-Contact List

DVO Presentation - Lela Hubbard

Emmitt Sparkman Capital Defense 2020 Conference Presentation

Ethically Representing the Mentally Ill

Lessons from Michigan

L.I.B. Roaring Flame

Michigan Re-Entry Materials

Miller Mitigation and the Michigan Approach

Miller 101 - Mississippi

The Morgan Method

Rating, Insolate, Isolate, Respect (Biloxi 2020)

Representing Juveniles - Travis Stearns

Sleuth - Jon Lyon

Storytelling as Advocacy

Understanding and Developing the Voice for Oral Presentation

Using Maps to Tell Your Client's Story

Working with the Mentally Ill - Dr. Donna Maddox

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