Criminilization of Pregnancy

February 11, 2021


Roes Unfinished Promise

Roes Promise 2019 Update

Womens Physician Section Resolution-007

Amnesty International - Policing Pregnant Woman Who Use Drugs

State of MS v. Nina Buckhalter

Rennie Gibbs v. State of MS

Goodwin - Fetal Protection Laws 2014

Gould - Pediatric Postmortem CT

Lung Aeration on Post Mortem MRI Useful Marker of Live v. Still Birth

Handbook on Registration and Reporting of Births

McCormack v. Hiedeman 694 F.3d 1004

Safety and Effectiveness of First-Trimester Medication Abortion

MS Criminilization of Pregnancy Outcomes

Opposition to Criminilization of Individuals During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period


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